b.VPN respects the privacy of its clients and users, hence, any information provided voluntarily by you, as you will be prompted by registration and payment forms or while initiating VPN connection to our servers, will not be declared to any third party unless you violate the company's terms of use or violate the law according to the European standards of privacy based on the fact that bVPN is operating from “The Netherlands”.

To clear user concerns about privacy and data collected by bVPN anonymous browsing service and VPN we would like first to clarify that WE DO NOT COLLECT any data about How you utilize VPN or proxy connections “We do not know, see, inspect or store which applications, websites, addresses or services you reached using bVPN for any amount of time or purpose.

bVPN was established to provide internet users with as much privacy, security, freedom of internet in growing censorship atmosphere on the internet.

The following account data is collected during registration and purchase:

Email address (e.g., support@bvpn.com collected during registration).
Registration date (e.g., 2018/09/01; collected during registration).
Subscription status (e.g., 2018/09/01 - 2018/10/01; collected when you make a purchase.)
Payment method (e.g., iTunes;Collected when you make a purchase.)


The Server you connected (e.g., Germany-Frankfurt; this information is collected during VPN connection).

Connection Start/Stop time stamp (e.g., Connected@18:31 2019/05/05; this information is collected during VPN connection).
Bandwidth usage of session (e.g., 300 mb).

Connection Originating IP (e.g., this information is collected upon start of VPN connection).

This data is collected strictly to improve service speed and availability in different geo location and accessed only by the highest level of administrators that operates bVPN.

Third party code library integrated in bVPN

For more information about service agreement follow the link:

For more information about data collected by Firebase, Facebook SDK please follow the following links: