How to Turn Off Battery Optimization to Fix Connection Issues on Android

Aug. 27, 2021, 3:48 a.m.

Android battery optimization can cause VPN disconnection and prevent the app from reconnecting

bVPN app is already well optimized to save your battery by minimizing power consumption while working in the background. However, in some cases the Android battery optimization feature kills bVPN app which cause VPN disconnection and failure to reconnect.

For uninterrupted VPN session, you need to manually disable battery optimization for bVPN App: 

The following steps may varray based on your device model, As far as VPN team have checked these problems exist mainly on Google Pixel, Xiaomi, Huawei Android phones, Unexpected behaviours to be expected mainly with tcp_trick function on SmokeV2 protocl, However to be sure you better just disable it anyways for any of bVPN types of protocol.

-> Go to Settings  

-> Apps & notifications. 

-> Advanced  

-> Special app access. 

-> Tap Battery optimization.

-> Tap All apps. 

-> Tap bVPN. 

-> Tap Don’t optimize then, Done.